Is making a MMORPG worth it?

Hello! I’ve found that MMORPG games have become increasingly popular on the ROBLOX website
but none of them end up with a ton of players.

Background Information:
I’m currently working on a game inspired by Wizard 101 with one other developer (We plan on expanding our team soon) where the player first chooses from one of six schools of magic. Each school focuses on a different type of magic. For example, the Life school has spells that heal both you and other players while the Storm school focuses on damage spells. Once the player chooses their school they are immediately given both the beginning of the story and their first battle.

My Question:
We’ve attempted to give them action in the first few minuets of joining the game so that they don’t lose interest. But, as I stated before, not many RPG have a lot (As in three thousands and up)of players. Is there something we can do to help boost activity and keep players playing?


Hello! I pretty like RPG based games so seeing a new one coming to Roblox will make me excited.
A RPG game needs action to keep players in, so I reccomend to make quests, make at least 10 enemys and other stuff like that. I think it’s worth the time that you and your team will spend on this game.
Only one thing: don’t make some teams stronger than the others, they must be balanced.
Good luck :+1:

Ps: I’m italian so sorry for the bad english :confused:


Your game sounds really good. As for player retention, I would say to maybe add daily rewards. Also, players always strive to be really good in a game that they like(which adds up to playtime), so I would suggest to maybe add some sort of leaderboard-ish system.

Hope this helps! :upside_down_face: