Is making terrain water completely invisible possible?

Is making terrain water invisible possible with-out using a script to code your own custom water?


You can put a .999 transparency Glass material part in front of it

Warning: Very hacky and may be changed

It’s weird that 1 Transparency water isn’t actually transparent though, it just removes some of the color like it’s .7 transparency with lots of reflectance. Make a feature request if nobody else has any other ideas?


He can’t make a feature request since he’s only a basic user.

See rule 15.1 if you are a basic user and want to post a Feature Request / Bug Report:

Oh, I didn’t know it applied for feature requests as well.

How could I become a member so I can publicly post my suggestions / bug reports?


Please see here for more info on the basic user program that you should also have received in some way or form in your invitation email:

You can use rule 15.1 to get your feature requests and bug reports posted in the meantime.

Yep, it works.