Is medicine allowed to be uploaded on roblox?

Hello, I am making a level where in a house in a cabinet there is medicine in there. I want to make it, but I am honestly afraid something’ll create something through my moderation history. I kind of want to make advil/tylenol to put in there but I believe it’s inappropriate for a roblox thing. I genuinely think this isn’t allowed because it involves adequate issues in real life and not in the game.

I am currently trucing this concept due to this uncertainty and need feedback.

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As long as you don’t use pills or a syringe, it should be fine.

I have personally seen quite a bit of medication bottles being used in games so I’d say it’ll be alright, but make sure the bottles aren’t filled and can’t exactly be identifiable. Medicine is more or less a tricky subject, but if used correctly it’ll be fine. If you are uncomfortable or worried about receiving moderation action I would just recommend making a first-aid kit instead of other household items.

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Technically they are pills. A pill bottle is open and a few blue/white pellets are sticking out because in the story a monster destroyed everything in the house and left it like that. The house is haunted in the story. I am very frightened about this thing cause this would technically be inappropriate for this game and something will be filed on the moderation record.

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Now that I think about it, I’ve seen users have medications in their games. I’m not 100% sure it would be allowed though. Does the Roblox ToS strictly say that no pills are allowed?

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Think about Piggy (Roblox). @Minitoon did a pretty good job keeping to the TOS, while still including medicine/formulas (think the underground base chapter). As others have stated, keeping the medicine unidentifiable is key. Nothing too detailed or relatable - I’m pretty sure no one would be able to claim @Minitoon was representing a real-life medicine, with his neon green/purple vials:



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You can surely do it, but to prevent any trouble with moderation, I suggest not calling it the brand name, ie. “Advil” or “Tylenol”, maybe you can do “Rovil” :man_shrugging: , since using the actual name may get DMCA striked.

You can just rename the medicine to something like “Elixir” or “Potions” because they’re commonly used as health items. You can cann the images @Infinite_Visions posted as elixir.

You cannot, however, call it a syringe, drugs, or pills(with a grey area being something like a character in a game that’s supposed to “take” pills. Such as a horror game simulating schizophrenia, where you start seeing things and the character says, “I forgot to take my pills, better find them”).


Thats a good concept, but however what kind of thing am I supposed to name? Like pain relief and allergy relief names’d take a while to create but the main idea of this thing would just to use the actual names because those would make a natural effect to the house (Which Would take a while to create) would just make the right cabinet for them but fantastic item names such as @TOP_Crundee123 suggested would be in like a castle/medieval game, not a suburban household which would host all the items.

Then I honestly think that would work, as long as you don’t use the actual names.

I have reached to the Roblox support team and created a ticket for this since I am using medicinals in my game too, When they answer me I will let you know either here or in DMs :wink:

I have been looking at Roblox’s ToS and Community Rules,
I’m not sure if they consider inappropriate only pills that might be interpreted as drug or if they consider inappropriate ALL pills, even the ones that are legally considered safe.


Ok thanks. I really was wondering about this because like these things are actual real life medicine and I honestly wasn’t able to think before uploading such content. This was really helpful because I 100% understand on why it shouldn’t be uploaded due to the actual context.