Is mentioning "Terrorists" allowed?

Sorry if this is the wrong category.
Is mentioning terrorists allowed on roblox?
I’m making an FPS game and I was wondering if it’s allowed.

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Roblox would not be happy about that, Instead of saying “Terrorist” and “Counter-Terrorist” etc. You can just say “T” and “CT”
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Maybe use the word attacker or invader? Idk

But Counter Blox gets away with it?
Why isn’t CB banned yet?

I dont think discussing topics regarding terrorism is appropriate for roblox. CB got away with it because, well, Rolve.

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So Rolve and CB could technically get banned?

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Yes, but roblox arsenal makes a lot so roblox will… heh… give an exception :eyes:

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Even tho Arsenal makes BIG BOBUX why doesn’t roblox ban CB?

Im pretty sure you can mention “Terrorists” as long as you are not mentioning known Terrorists in real life.

The Roblox ToS mentions only once terrorism in these lines:

  1. Activities or actions that are dangerous to others, unethical or illegal or that violate any local, national or international laws or regulations. Not only do we not allow these activities, we do not allow anyone discussing them or encouraging others to discuss (or take) such actions, including:

    Hacking, phishing, flaming, exploits, cheating, spam, deceptive practices, scams;
    Misleading, sexual or racy thumbnails or other images, videos or text;
    Gambling with Robux or real money;
    Terrorism, Nazism or Neo Nazism, organized criminal activity, gangs and gang violence;
    Instructions for engaging in violent activities, including bomb- or weapon-making
    Criminal activity;
    Illegal drugs or prescription drugs without a prescription;
    The use or sale of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco by minors; and
    Blackmail or extortion.


Roblox does not grant exceptions in this matter. It would not be fair. Counter Blox’s case was likely okay, I recommend getting in contact with Rolve about it. The game doesn’t encourage terrorism anyway, so maybe that is why. Please don’t spread rumors without any actual evidence to support them.


I mean this

is not completely true, some top games have blood in their game, such as red smoke when you get a kill in a game and I’ve seen people have the same thing but get warned/banned for it.

Moderation is done case by case, just because something is allowed in one context doesn’t mean it’s allowed in another