Is mesh rigging supported yet?

I’m unsure if this is in the right category, but is the new ‘bone’ instance active? I’ve been trying to get it work for a bit by importing rigged meshes into Roblox but it keeps importing without the bones.

The only way to Rig inside of Roblox using meshes is to separate them into parts. No you cannot export a rig to Roblox. Maybe try something like what I linked below once you’ve separated all the body parts and imported them individually.

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Nah. I’m waiting for the bone instance/skinned meshes. I’m really excited and thought because bone instances were added to studio, maybe it was introduced without an announcement.

I don’t think they’re released yet, but they are working on it.

I’d just wait. The feature is supposed to come out tomorrow according to the roadmap. Either Roblox really wants to make tomorrow a good day, or they are really really delayed.