Is Mocap dancing actually Mocap?

I was joining my friends on random games and happened to join one of them on Mocap dancing. I was just wondering if they actually used some sort of Motion Capture software to capture someone doing these dances, then upload them to Roblox somehow. They look ridiculously smooth and detailed to be made in any sort of animation creator that I have seen, so I was just wondering if it is actually possible to import Mocap animations to Roblox. Not asking how to do it, just wondering if it is possible. Thanks!

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Mocap is an industry standard often used in the games industry, mostly in big-budget AAA games. Lately the hardware required to record them yourself has become more accesible, as you can essentially motion capture through a VR headset and Inverse Kinematics.

Captured animations are often exported from animation or 3D modelling software such as Maya and Blender, and Roblox is able to import these animations.

Most of the mocap animations you’ll find in Roblox however, are not recorded by the creators of the games playing them. A lot of these creators download them from sources on the internet like Adobe’s Mixamo, or purchase them from animators.


That’s cool to know. I didn’t think people would spend so much time animating such detailed movements, and I guess I was right. Thank you for the response!