Is moon animator worth it?

first of all, Merry Christmas!!! Just got Robux from a white elephant gift and I was wondering if moon animator is worth the Robux. Keep in mind I am a very bad animator, so would this help me or is it for professionals? Opinions wanted!

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i dont even use the default animator, but moon animator, it does have a better interface and more customization but 3000 robux is a LOT for me i got it when it was free

If you’re a very bad animator, I would focus on the default editor first. Once you get good, then you can make your decision. I personally wouldn’t buy Moon Animator right now.

I’m no expert, but for me the default editor works ok, if I can’t do something inside there, I just jump to blender. Which is also free.

Hold up, I just checked the price and it went up AGAIN!?!?! Totally not worth it, nevermind. Thanks anyway. Merry Christmas everyone!

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