Is MotionBlur possible?

I’ve been making a game recently. Is it possible to add motion blur, when you’re for example driving a car and going into first person, when youre going fast it blurs outside like motionblur (i dont mean with camera movement)? If yes, how would this be as an example??

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By using the Blur instance locally in client, you could connect the value of the player’s speed to the amount of blur in LightingService. Sounds easy

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Then it would blur inside of the car, i only want it to blur outside.

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It will affect entire client’s screen… mmmh…
Unless the “inside of car” lets call it cabin, if the cabin would be a gui model… sounds weird.
Or if there is a way to apply a “screen” part of blur to the parts in the road… mmh…

Right now Im not sure how to achieve a movement blur effect on parts that are outside a cabin, probably that would require an effect instead of changing blur instance

You’ll have to use DepthOfField then. However, it wouldn’t be visible for players with <7 graphics quality.

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Motion blur isn’t possible. You already seem to know this, but for everyone who doesn’t know this, please don’t use regular blur in place of motion blur. They are absolutely not the same.

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