Is my 2d art good?

I would like to know if my art is decent enough to put a price on. Im really new to art on a computer, as i just draw on paper normally. opinions are much wanted, I use because my computer is very old and doesnt run very good stuff.

New Project (21)
New Project (22)

i would really love advice rn


ngl i would pay for that last one :robux_gold:

It looks nice! I would pay for those.

Of course your art is good enough to put a price on! You can never say no to putting a price on something you’re contemplating putting a price on, especially if it’s art. Art is different, and people would pay for something in your style. I know I would. Your art is super simplistic and visually appealing. I’m usually into more detailed art, but I would pay for this!

The second one reminds me of Joe Tazuna from YTTD. Don’t look that one up if you’re sensitive to blood and stuff. The second one looks crudely draw, but that’s what makes it so appealing. It’s not perfect, but the imperfection makes it look really nice!


Wow! I love your art style. Keep up the great work. :fire:

I know its a style, but when working for higher priced clients; you should maybe try to finalize your lines. Some of them look like they were sketched out and colored.

p.s. The last ones is actually really good.


Thank you so much for the advice! I will try to make my drawings look less sketchy and have more finalized lines :smiley:

Hey artist :sunglasses: !

Ok am… I think is so cool, the hands are so pretty and I love that :pleading_face:, I suggest do the art in the paper and then do it in digital; you can use a stabilizer and
separate it in layers, in an anger the lineart (the one on the side in black) and then the colors.
I personally do not use that program, I recommend krita (it is free to use and not very heavy)
Don’t get me wrong, tips when drawing save your life, an artist never stops learning. I love style and drawing, great job!

((It makes me feel bad when they say that I should improve on this or that this is wrong in my creations, hey, I don’t want him to like it, there are tips that help you a lot)

Your art is amazing! There are some areas where you could improve on but not like I could do any better. The last one is awesome though I really like it. Good job!

thank you SO much for the advice, I will try to improve based on what you said

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