Is my ad worth the money?

Basically, I have a group that rebuilds old games that aren’t public anymore and then I publish them on my own group.
(the creators have publicly stated they are okay with it)

I made a group ad, and I am terrible at saving so can only get up to about 1.5k until I get impatient and decide to run it.

Each time I advertise it, I get about 50-80 members. Is this worth the money, or should I try improving the ad and see if I can get more members?

(the blurred images in the background are the games themselves)


I will say this: Don’t do ads do sponsorships instead as roblox has recently killed of the effectiveness of ads and alongside that i have just always found that sponserships get you better impressions and clicks. Alongside that i would say just get a good icon and run the sponsorships however do some research into when the best time will be (i suggest during a school holiday where the US and several other countries or during a holidays) to maximise the effectiveness of the sponsorship.


I tried sponsoring. Not one single visit. Thats why I am using ads in the first place. They actually get me clicks and attention. Besides most people barely ever search for games, they just use the homepage.

Sponsoring games can get them to the homepage. If you got no visits then you need to invest time and effort (potentially robux) into a better icon alongside generally researching the best times to sponsor,

Problem is that it’s not one game. And wouldn’t it be easier to advertise the group gradually so that when it’s got enough members, I can just link the game on the shout then everybody will click? Nobody would see the icon from a link, and even then, as long as the angle and everything is right, they wont really care, will they?

But still, do you think that it’s worth the money, or should I improve the ad even more?