Is My Build Optimal?

Hey there! I’m just working on a city map and I’ve been trying my best to make sure everything is optimized but I’m not sure if it’s within the “green zone”. I’m looking for others opinions/judgment on my creation (part/performace wise). Thanks for all your help, It’s really appreciated!

(Note: stats are in the corner)

This is only a relatively small portion of what I’m planning to create. This “section” would be replicated around the map numerous times hence why I’m trying my best to make it user friendly.

EDIT: Just thought I’d include a screenshot of the Union and Mesh geometry.

  1. It looks like some glass windows can be one part.

  2. Why’d you use unions?


It’s kind of hard to judge how optimal it is from the images, although I can give some suggestions.

Try turning castshadow and cancollide off for as many objects as necessary. Also make the collision type for meshes and unions “Box” and can collide off as much as possible.

If there are any unions in there, I would recommend exporting them to Blender and to optimize them in there. Then it would be a matter of importing the new pieces of geometry as a mesh and putting it back where you got it.


It looks like the performance may not be that good for lower end devices and mobile users. To optimize it best, I would try recreating most of this build in blender, which will drastically improve the performance. Besides that, the build looks good so far, the style is pretty nice, keep it up.

I’d recommend learning a program such as blender for making meshes. I like to personally keep my use of unions to a minimal use. Excessive use can cause the client to have a hard time rendering them all. Which, will obviously effect performance. If you’re going to use unions, you must spread them out so it’s not too hard on the client.

I think if you changed them to be meshes imported from blender or any other 3d modelling service, it would be better. If you’d like me to create you a window mesh, just contact me through private messages and tell me what you want. I am here to help!

Other than that, I really love the way your build looks. It’s colourful, it’s creative and honestly really catches the eye. Really love the contrast of colours as well, I think you’ve picked them well. Maybe add a door in the canter?