Is my DataStore usage abnormal?

This is my DataStore usage in game. I haven’t seen other games’ usage, so I’m wondering if these high numbers are something to be alarmed about.

The reasons I use DataStore:

  • Default Admin Datastore
    • No specific information, I use TheFurryFish’s basic admin essentials
  • Saving player data (3 leaderstats)
    • No auto saves, set on player leave or shutdown, retrieved on player join
  • 2 OrderedDataStores for leaderboards
    • These are set on player leaves and retrieved every 60 seconds
  • Saving bans from the anti-exploit
    • Set on exploit catches (on average once every 30 minutes?)
  • Getting bans from the anti-exploit
    • Checked every time a player joins

Value section doesn’t show your datastore usage or how many requests you are sending.
They show how many requests you can send on each type on that instant.
So your datastore usage is pretty okay.

I wouldn’t recommend banning people over anti-cheat!

It doesn’t always ban people, it bans people who are 100% exploiters. Thank you for the feedback, though.

Oh ok, that’s ok then, I guess… i don’t think it’s abnormal, unless you were using dataStore2 bereeza method on everything or something similar;

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