Is my FNAF fangame good enough?

I was wondering if my fnaf game is missing something or if it’s good enough as it is. I would like some general feedback of the game. Some people seem to dislike it for some reason and I would like to know why. Anyway here is the game:

I’ve also done a Halloween update but it’s just some decorations and changed lighting.


So, let me be clear, dear friend.
The game itself, you did a fine work and It’s absolutely not something what took a few hours to make.
However, especially for this theme, I think you’re fighting with a big competion and the graphics ain’t the strogenst side of this game.
I recommend to focus more on that since the game isn’t that big, so you can feel free to use more detail for your models and build overall!
The scripts looking fine and I think the only thing you should focus on atm is the visual!


The competition isn’t really that “big”. For example, Forgotten Memories isn’t really optimised and some people can’t even play it. Another thing, it’s with fnaf characters. I do not consider it a “competition” if it has fnaf characters, since some people play it just because of that. This game isn’t supposed to pass those in players, because it’s impossible. Using the original characters will obviously attract more people so I see no reason to hit that high. Another thing is it’s not even really a fnaf game just a free roam survival game with fnaf characters that makes it a “fnaf game”. It’s also multiplayer. That will also attract even more people. This is meant to be a classic style fnaf game.
Did you try the game with full graphics? I feel like it looks better that way. And the reason the graphics aren’t always “advanced” is because the focus is more on gameplay. Graphics aren’t everything and I feel like some people overlook that. Making graphics look really good even with bad graphics settings will result in some people not even able to play the game because of their device, which in some games it is the case. This is meant to be a simple game. Not a front page game.

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