Is my game against Roblox TOS?

Is my game against Roblox TOS?
I want to make a game where you can grind item as a normal RPG game
BUT you can have you own shop or like a small place where you can sell item using robux the same way “pls donate” did to donate to other player

as long as real money doesn’t get involved, you should be fine.

As far as I know, this isn’t against Roblox TOS, games like Starving Artists do this

I wouldn’t worry, what else is someone supposed to do?

PLS Donate did not get taken down, and is known by various admins and even David himself.

Shedletsky even gave a tutorial over a decade ago to make an item shop.

Only thing I would worry about is the AI image moderation system misleading you for “scamming”. This was a thing in 2018 for using the Robux logo. Although we had terrible bots at the time. It should have improved by now. If you do get an account consequence, appeal at Roblox Support and use the same email thats registered with your account.

As long as you don’t guarantee robux or mislead players into thinking that it’s a free robux game where you just play and get paid! Also make sure that players know that you take 10% profit, etc, etc.

I recommend reading the ToS for yourself and staying updated with it as it changes!