Is my game Annihilation good?

A few tips, use the module Fast Cast for your bullets, much better bullet ray casting.
and another note, sprint is too fast, make it only slightly faster.
Finally, a better UI, without random labels scattered around, make things organized.
For example, I’m working on a survival game, and the UI’s are grouped based on function.
Like above, right? They are placed in an organized and balanced manner, which would make it easier to understand.

Starting to work on a kills shop. And what type of guns like a sniper?

Finished the kills shop gui!

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I just added a new gun. image

Edit: its in the shop

I also just added a shot gun and sniper. In the shop.

Try making your guns in blender. And also since I see you posted a link, maybe come back to the devforums when you are older :wink:
Anyways, your game looks pretty nice for a beginner except some more detailed guns would be nice.

For me, the bullets that come out of the gun is pointing the wrong way. Work harder! For a first time no free model game, nice job!

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How would I make the bullets go straight?

I’m not sure, but if your script has a line of code that has the bullet size try to re shape the size.

Is the map good? I have made a couple of updates to it.