Is My Game Bad?

Hi everyone. I spent the last few months working on my new game. It’s not going well, and only has a couple thousand visits. A lot of players are leaving as soon as they join.

Is my game bad/boring or…?

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I just tried it out, and these are the things I have to say about it.

I feel like the UI is just everywhere, and I’m not a big fan of it. As I was writing that, I realized there was an option to turn off the UI at the top left. But let’s think if it’s a young kid playing the game. They might not be able to realize there’s an option to turn it off, so now they’re stuck with a bunch of UI on their screen.

I also feel like the map is a bit small, I think adding different maps or worlds would make the game a bit more fun.

But, anyway, otherwise the game is good and it’s easy to get a bit addicted.

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–it feels like a cash grab, too many pay to win buttons…
–can’t seem to find the pets
–a tutorial would help new players understand what the game is about