Is my game cooked?

So I’ve been working on a puzzle/adventure game for quite a while now. I started working it when I was just getting started in studio, so a lot of the content at the start of the game could be a little jank. Though the newer content is significantly better since I’ve developed more skills and a friend started helping me with it. I am willing to go back and fix a lot of the earlier content, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it or not since I don’t know if this genre and type of game will appeal to anyone.

Would you play this type of game? Let me know! If do you end up playing it, feel free to give some feedback so I can make it as good as it can be.

here is the game


The games style is really unique and so is the concept, but it just seems like many puzzles require skills nobody in the modern world wants to learn, so they just google it.

I feel like only a few people who are really dedicated to puzzles would play this game (and that is few)

If you wanted to continue the game, go ahead, but I feel like the puzzles should be a little more fluent or allow an average person to actually solve it without the need to search things

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Thanks for your feedback. When I get to revamping a lot of the old stuff I’ll rethink the puzzle designs.