Is my game system too complex? ( SCPF )

I’m working on an SCPF and I want it to be as unique as possible, without confusing people too much. I’ve been thinking, maybe it’s too complicated, maybe no one wants to roleplay as an office job.

There are many departments, 3 of which are office jobs, including handling ethics, external affairs, etc.
But the main feature of the SCPF is the unique clearance and keycard system. I’ve found a way to implement RAISA properly into the SCPF.

The main group has no major roles such as Levels 0-5, instead, players are classified as staff, high ranks, or O5s. All clearances and classifications are handled in an external Firebase database, which is read in-game. The keycard system, instead of using Levels 0-5, uses a similar system to SCP:SL, where each keycard has a different access tier to a different type of room. ( Containment, Armoury, etc ).

RAISA has a MAJOR task within the foundation. Players can REQUEST for new clearances or keycards temporarily to work on new “projects” or work on SCPs that are at a higher level with permission from a supervisor. Staff members send a request, and RAISA changes their clearance/keycard in-game in real-time. RAISA is also in charge of setting clearances for new staff members who join the foundation.

Your clearance level dictates the highest keycard you can apply for. Does this all sound too complicated?

Keycards work similarly to SCP:SL
RAISA changes peoples clearances in game
Clearance levels decide what keycards you can request for


Sounds like a great idea in theory. But you always have to consider dependencies on other people. For example, what if RAISA goes under reformation? This is something to consider when creating a system in which is totally ran by humans.

Human interaction based systems is a very very good way of getting players to immerse themselves and continue playing the game because they are making an impact. However, this can be very tedious to balance and sustain stability over if you are not fully equipped to do so.


It is a cool idea, though I am not sure how practical it is since RAISA stands for Recordkeeping and Information Security Administration which has nothing to do with clearance providing.

The whole idea for clearances is that they enact as semi awards. Like military ranks. You do not ask for them or file a request, you earn them.

Well thats not necessarily true to the SCP lore, or how security clearances work in real life. Also RAISA does handle clearances, that’s like a major thing of Information Security

In lore it states that security clearances are someone’s level of trust. Lowest being janitors and office workers while highest being security personnel or researchers. That is why I think that most of the SCP groups are not original concept friendly cause they use clearance levels as ranks rather than just information accesses. (Your group is an exception). I used the same concept but with other cool original concepts like sites that do not do testing. (Example being the red lake site where there are no CD or unnecessary departments and their whole goal is to fight off creatures that come out of the lake).

I can give you all my ideas since we dispanded the site and I look forward to seeing a group that actually is an SCP foundation rather than a inaccurate branch off.