Is my game too similar to Capture the Flag? If so, what should I do?

In my game, there are four teams and they must collect teleportation codes, which they need to teleport away from a powerful bomb in the center with a timer of 5 minutes. They are all found in each team’s base and must all be brought to one team’s base for them to win, which I feel like is too similar to Capture the Flag. Unlike capture the flag, there is only one “flag” per team, so only four flags in total, and each is required to win. Also, raiding a base will give you all the “flags” in the base. I’m not too sure if this is enough to make it dissimilar enough from capture the flag.

Maybe to make it less like capture the flag, you could make it more focused on stealth and defence so players have to defend well and know how to not get caught by the team their raiding.

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Capture the Flag (CTF) is a game mode and not copyrighted. If you wanted to make a game with CTF in it, that’s your choice, just don’t straight out copy maps, UIs, assets, etc. from other games.

If you meant you wanted a game mode less like CTF, I would recommend a parkour aspect to it and confirm capture. Confirm Capture can be used to where once you get a code you have to “download” it, which takes time and alerts others it’s being downloading. Practically combining Hardpoint and CTF.

Also, I would recommend removing that you have to capture every single one to win, this would simply go on for too long. Instead make it “holding the majority” or Tickets (like Conquest on Battlefield), the longer you hold multiple the more tickets you receive (or another team loses) and when they reach 0 or you reach [amount] you win.

You can effectively create a new game mode by combining those of CTF with Hardpoint and Conquest; two great game modes.


I don’t think it would go on for too long as there are multiple players per team, so multiple raids can happen at once. In my experience playing Doomspire BrickBattle, there are also four bases to visit and it doesn’t take too long to win, even if you do it all by yourself.

I want the bases to be challenging yet quick to raid. I can see how that would be important if I’m going to add Hardpoint into the game as it wouldn’t be fun to wait a minute in each base for the download timer to run out and half the time no one even goes to the base.

Though I suppose I could make it more complicated than just collecting the code and leaving, but that still does conflict with my goal of making bases quick but challenging to raid as I would need to design it to take a good amount of time to wait for players to arrive which they may not want to do as they would rather raid a base probably.

I think if I make it so that a player doesn’t need to really stop players by themselves and its more up to the base defenses to stop it. I’m already doing this with base entry, maybe I should do it with the exits as well.

Yeah, I’ll let each team know who has which codes, and if a player or base has it.

So to summarize, CTF variation+Hardpoint modified to be quick, and more involved by the code stealer rather than the team being robbed with their job being automated, would that work well?

I think that would be something I can do with the map rather than the game rules.

But it would still be different than normal capture the flag!

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I’ll definitely consider that for some maps, but this game is mainly going to be a shooter. And like Warrior said, the main thing that can help set this apart from just another CTF variation is adding something similar to Hardpoint.

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Shouldn’t be a problem since that idea isn’t copyrighted?

Yeah, but I don’t want to make a generic game; there are probably hundereds of CFT flag games on Roblox, many of which are also probably shooters and I think I have it partially solved with the bunker defenses but I think I can take it a step further by adding a variation of Hardpoint as Warrior suggested for exiting the bunker.

To be honest I don’t totally understand your game but if you are making a twist on it that could make it way more fun than a regular CTF game which are kind of unpopular here on Roblox. Good luck