Is my game too violent for roblox?

Please what should I do?


Wait for roblox to ban you, if not then your good. :slight_smile:
Recommend you create a local save file for your game just incase it does get deleted

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Best to have it on an alt just incase they moderate you for it.

lol because for you, it’s not a problem to be banned?

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Roblox moderation in a nutshell, LOL


You should use an alt to publish the game.

If the game meets the requirements for being oke then your good to go:
Link to a article from roblox about ‘Roblox Community Standards’

I didn’t see anything too violent that would make it PG and above. There are barely any violent scenes found by messing around a bit in the game. However, if you feel that some aspects of the game that I haven’t unveiled are too violent for Roblox, consider upping the age requirement and saving the game as a local file in case it gets deleted, so you can modify the violence level in the game.

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It is already published, if it wasn’t published he shouldn’t be able to show us the game.

Check Combat Warrior:

Then compare it to your game. If your game is more violent than Combat Warrior, so it’s too violent for Roblox because it’s very hard to make a game more violent than Combat Warrior. If it’s less violent, you can make it public, don’t worry about this.

I don’t think your game is too violent.

Also, is your game based on Miragine Wars?

Just proves the point that roblox doesnt have good moderation.

Even if I think it, I didn’t say it.

Yeaaaa its heavily inspired by miragine wars.

Im so glad u figured that out!!