Is my GFX for commissions?

People are getting the prices from the original post (as the user lists them)

Also just letting you know, if you cannot afford someone/they are over your budget, please just find someone else. I do think that @a_week is undercharging themselves, and that their work is definitely worth a lot more than less than a 1$ in USD.
(in my opinion, I would say the thumbnails should go for between 2400 robux-5000 robux, while the more basic renders should be around 800 robux).

Do I think it is worth the equivalent of 100 USD? Not right now, but they definitely have potential! If they keep working and improving, they should get to that level in no time!


yes it is ready, set design, character desin lighting, and camera perspective are the things you should focus on, your textures also dont look 3d

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Bro, all I’m trying to say is that if he’s going to charge more than 1.5k, it’d be too much. He’s a beginner, he’s already getting a lot of commissions. It’s not about my budget, it’s about how much people he’d get.

For example, Pet Simulator X’s gamepass used to be 800, and I think people were actually considering it. Now it’s 1200, I don’t think anyone wants to buy it anymore. It’s a big step and it will loose a lot of players.

There’s a lot of people that can’t afford more than this, therefore he’ll loose a lot of attention. That’s my point, you get more having somewhat of a price rather than having a high price, due to the somewhat of a price getting a lot of attention.\

Stop coming back at me, It’s my opinion. Thank you.

Below 1.5k is undercharging.

I myself have two friends who actively work on Blender and they sometimes have to come up with GFX and I can assure you that I myself couldn’t replicate their work. (I’d like to show screenshots but I don’t have them on me and I am about to go) I find it really silly to be honest that you are telling me that this type of work is estimated to 1.5k Robux. (which is I think barely 20 USD)

And, the higher the price is, the better quality you’d expect. Even if less peoples buy it, he might still make good enough profit.

As I said at the very beginning of this post, I’m still estimating for example his Turf War thumbnail for around 8k Robux, which is around 85 USD.

Besides that, I respect your opinion and I hope you respect mine aswell as others’.


Okay then, 1.5k-3k. I really wouldn’t spend more than that on something I could learn on my own, plus many people can’t afford it.

All I’m trying to say is that it’s more about quantity, and not how expensive it is. Thanks for respecting my opinion, but I guess other’s don’t…

TLDR: I respect your opinion, and you should message @a_week about their commissions if they are still doing it at the prices they showed. If they decide to raise it, I can recommend some people (so you can still get a good GFX without having someone undervalue themselves)

It fine if you think it is to much! I understand not everyone can afford a good quality GFX. I know @a_week considers themselves a beginner, but since they spend 5-8 hours every day working on GFX, I think they definitely passed that “beginner” phase and are now going into a more intermediate one (looking at the work).

I understand how you feel! But please do not encourage an artist to lower their prices just because some people might not be able to afford it. I have been in that place where I undercharged my work severely because I thought I would lose attention. That is NOT TRUE. There will always be people willing to pay the price.

That is totally okay! You do not need to, there are definitely artist charging way lower, and although it might not be as high quality, it is definitely still a decent gfx.

If you need help finding some people I can totally recommend some users! There are people who charge in that low range (100-800 rbx) as that is what they are most comfortable with.


Thanks for respecting my opinion, and I think they’re doing a reasonable price according to this post.

And yeah, I wasn’t trying to undervalue people but I know what you mean. I’m just worried about these crazy suggestions of people thinking it should be overvalued.

True that, if I were to be honest maybe 1.5k is a little too cheap, maybe 1.8k-3.2k would be reasonable. Lmao those are such random prices, but yeah he has passed the beginner phase. I have a friend who used to do gfx’s (idk if she does them anymore) and I can tell she was a beginner, I also tried it at some point and it was eh.

Yeah, I know what you’re saying. I’m just trying to look for a reasonable price that everyone could afford, maybe it’s just me but I used to think 1.5k was enough. Maybe that’s just who I am lmao.

Good point, I like your reasoning.

Thank you, words coming from me but I think that’s too low, would be expecting a gfx like this at that price.

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Thanks @IceTheOneAndOnly!
I’ll try experimenting with more complex and advanced scenes and better textures along that.
Also, I don’t know much about camera angles and film studies, can you be more specific on how I can make my perspective better?


Jeez I think i said too much, well TL:DR thank you for respecting my points, you have some very good points that have taught me for the better!


@DracosPreserve and @TehPineapplePanda!
I can’t thank you enough for arguing and talking out some stuff. This is much needed insight and I would have never thought about some of these points you guys have brought up.
If you want to talk more, I’ll grab my popcorn.


Your gfx are good from my point of view, I would say between 1k to 2k robux and that of turf wars about 5k or 7k robux

hm, i dont know about that, but when i was looking at one of the gfx, the arm was stretched:
Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 10.17.41 PM
i dont know if that is intentional
i dont see that elsewhere, but try to avoid that, and dont have clipping, if you want a sort of clipping, add particles where there is a clip

Oh shoot, never noticed that. Thanks for giving me that pointer! I’ll try to find a solution, but I expect it to not be easy.

Also, what do you mean by clipping? I assume it’s some Blender option but this might be redundant due to the fact I actually use C4D.

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clipping is just when objects pass through other objects like this:
Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 9.52.43 PM
that body is INSIDE the wall.
i meant that if you want to have stuff like that, have rocks, debris, etc, to have more realism
unless that is the style’
it is seen in lots of your gfx

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Yeah, fixing that is going to take some time. Currently, I’m not great at creating stuff like debris and landscapes. Your going to have to wait a few weeks for me to get even better.
In my opinion, it isn’t really my style. I only do it if necessary or on accident.

Yeah 150rbx for that GFX is such a steal, Others have said this but thats only about 50 cents with current DevEx, personally I would pay around $10 - $15 for it or somewhere around 3k robux.


If you think you should raise your prices then you should. Your work is art and the only person who can truly assign a value to art is the artist.

Definitely. You didn’t have a ton to improve yet you still did.

Yea. If you want more clients then I would recommend adding more work.

Don’t just yolo it please. You’ll have to turn down a lot of commissions that require you to utilize those weak points.

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it’s against the rules to ask that stuff lol, might wanna reword that.

Shoot, never read through the rules ever lol.
Alright I’ll remove it entirely I already got enough feedback
Thx for the heads up!

I agree with this a lot, the average Roblox developer won’t be able to probaly buy this but, it wouldn’t be fair if he makes barely nothing even though his GFX are really nice.

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