Is my Heads or tails “gambling” game aloud?

Greetings, i made a coinflip game in my game where players have a 40% chance of doubling there money by flipping a coin with an ai.

When the player runs out of cash the ai promts them to buy more coins for 30% off the normal prices of coins if they buy coins at that time.

Is this aloud?
-i do not tell them chances
-players chances go down longer they play

its allowed as long as you don’t have them buy coins with robux
because if you do then it would go against the TOS

I’m unsure about it’s status on the TOS, but I feel like it’s quite scummy if you make their chances go down without telling them.


Ok i wont make there chances go down. It will still be only 40% chance for player tho

(And you can buy the same cash you gamble with, with robux however you can also get that cash by playing the game normally

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This is not allowed… Chances must not be skewed in any way. If you advertise a “heads or tails” game, it must be 50/50 or you must have the odds posted.


Ok ill put “10% ai edge”: text or something.

On Roblox’s TOS, it states that:

While we allow the portrayal of gambling in experiences, no real money, Robux, or anything that can become real money or Robux, may be exchanged in these experiences. We also require that the odds of winning be fair and not skewed in the developer’s favor.

Your game is fine, as long as it doesn’t offer any money or Robux.

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I don’t think you should make the chances go down the more they play. It will go down naturally, given how if you win 50 games in a row, you’ll have a much, much larger chance of losing the next one.

Probability of winning x amount of games = probability of winning one game ^ x, which basically means the chances will go down naturally - no need to write code to skew the odds.

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It has a cash shop which players can buy cash for robux. Also when player looses all there cash they get promted to buy more cash with 30% robux off that one time only

You can’t do that, sadly. Robux cannot be used to purchase any currency used in gambling.

Can i do this

2 types of currencies

1. Currency
-only obtained by refunding items
-players can gamble with it
-the refunded items were bought with currency 2.

2nd Currency
-Normal cash which can buy any item
-can be bought with robux
-CANNOT gamble with

I’m not sure if it’s allowed if Robux can indirectly be used to obtain the gambling currency. I’d check the Community Rules just to be on the safe side.

As I said, I don’t know if the refunding thing is in violation in any rules. I don’t see anything wrong with it being earned by beating bosses though.

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What if it wasnt obvious but like introduced to the player? Or maybe currency 1 can be obtained through a different thing like beating bosses but also refunding and you can easily turn currency 1 into currency 2?

Edit: i need a roblox lawyer lol

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Can’t do that either. It needs to remain at 50/50 as it is heads OR tails. Not heads or tails or flying into space and never lands.