Is my new server lobby better than my old one?

Old Lobby

New Lobby

i know you probably see grey walls above the bookshelves but the bookshelves will all look like this by tonight to match the yellow/gold color

i remade the server lobby because this is a horror game and when I made the old lobby I felt as though I was being unoriginal with the Japanese theme. Therefore I tried to go with a “great library theme” since my game will be similar to The Dark Pictures Anthology theme when it comes to multiple horror games.

It stays very very bland and random.

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Might be better if I explain it like this:

My game is going to be similar to The Dark Pictures Anthology when it comes to making games, this game will consist of multiple horror stories that players are able to play.
The Japanese theme didn’t fit that idea, it was just a person in the middle of the city looking at stuff,
the new lobby I built is in a Library where stories are made, so I don’t know what you mean by ‘random,’ if anything please specify on things I should do different.

Also if you’re wondering I’m not done with the new lobby just yet, I plan to make more stuff in the middle of the place to get rid of the bland aspect if that’s what you’re concerned about.


I think the 2nd Lobby is better. Maybe it is just TOO big to explore everything because it is only the Lobby. Maybe make it round?
Looks good for now tho!

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The new lobby looks good, but you should maybe make it a bit smaller.