Is my task really possible? Roblox custom physics (Theme Parks)


I have been trying to make a custom physics system in Roblox for ages. I am into theme park rides and would like to use my own physics system to make rides. I would use normal roblox physics but from experience and speaking to a lot of people in the Roblox theme park community this isn’t the best options as it can be extremely laggy / jolty and one Roblox physics update could ruin your rides. Hence, the reason I want to create my own.

I will create my own using CFrames and RunService as over my time in the community have found out these are the best to use. I am still not sure if I should use TweenService or Lerp? This post is pretty much me asking how would I do it? I have made many posts on this topic, as you can see on my DevForum profile, but I have never been able to do it. It is all a mess to me and I don’t understand it.

What do I want my system to do?

  • Locally run the rides but all clients be synced together.
  • Queue “animations”. (Once it has reached one point, it will automatically go to the next with the present speeds etc.)
  • Be smooth / not jolty when the player tried to ride
  • Smooth “animations”. (If using Lerp I would like to achieve accelerations etc. Like tween EnumStyles.)
  • (I am sure I will think of some more when making :rofl:)

I know this is a big ask, and am not expecting any replies, but I will be willing to put in hours to create something like this. If you would like to look at a system I look up to please see TheEpicTwin’s System.

Thank you for any help, and even those who have taken time to read this post. :pray: :smile:

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