Is my tower good?

  1. What do i want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!
    A Nice TOH game!

  2. What is the issue? Include enough details if possible!
    I do not know if people will enjoy the puzzles, and mechanics.

  3. What solutions have you thought of so far?
    None. I want you guys to tell me how you would pass it.

The water is dangerous (10 dmg).
Cobblestone is not water, only pebble is water.
Pink glow means its a win brick.
The stage one door is locked.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3


Stage 4


Stage 5


And last but not least, Stage 6.


Feedback, rating and difficulty please. I need this help.


Looks excessively retro. This style in highly unpopular now and most people would just predict that either the game owner just reuploaded a 2010 game or couldn’t be bothered to make a proper map. The TOH market is very competitive, and using good graphics would definitely be an option- by which I mean detailed, realistic graphics.

As for the levels, they are all immobile, making them less amusing.


oh i want to say, its an easy level. im going for a 2017 style, and i really added only one moving part due to it being an easy level. its one of those towers with the flashing light, kind of like a beacon.


I know that this may be a big change, but there are many ways of making obbies. You can make a story game, an obby-based PVP game, a obby-based hide and seek game…

But if you insist on making a TOH, you really need to revamp the style. 2017 is when Jailbreak was released so your style is much more ancient. Also the stages look messy, so most people would probably leave upon joining.


Please be kinder. I am trying to go for a 2017 style here, and i want people to enjoy the game. not about what the stages look like, its about action.

Also i do not want popularity, i just want people to enjoy it.

Here is gameplay:
robloxapp-20240301-1920141.wmv (3.3 MB)
Sorry for the EXTREMELY low quality, i was using the default roblox recorder.

Add more unions and make it R15.

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No, i am not going for a realistic game. I am going for a 2017 theme, as i said.

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No, you are LITERALLY not. You are going for a 2010 style. As I said before, 2017 was the year Jailbreak was published, and your game style doesn’t look very alike to any of the benchmark games of the year.

Nobody will enjoy the game as there is nor any good mechanics nor any good graphics. They have hundreds of other options that are simply better.

Popularity comes from enjoyment. Unfortunately, this game is not as enjoyable as all the other polished TOHs.


ok then tell me how many people play this game: Speed Run 12 - Roblox

Looking at the server list it seems to mostly be bots.

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This is not a 2017 style. This is more of a 2010-2012 style. A 2017 style would be primarily built in Roblox, with the default textures + lots of bright colors. Blocky too.

Here’s an image of what I believe to be 2017 style, though there were more realistic games out there.


It was created in 2015. Back then, the game is considered moderately well made, especially launchable on low-end devices. It’s 2024 already. It’s like if you say, “Look how many sales the Ancient Greeks made from selling toilet buckets, although it’s in another era but I’m sure people would still buy it today.” No, they won’t. Make 2024 games in 2024, not 2015 games.

The weld texture is hard on my eyes, but I like the studs texture!

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i am going for the style i want to go for. i am trying to make my game. not your little game silly goofus. stop complaining of it not looking hyperrealistic. i wanna make a good 2017 game, and you are just insulting me nonstop for my design. YOU CANT CHANGE IT.

thanks! :smiley: its the default texture

i JOINED in 2017. did you? nope!
you just THINK what it looks like. i am a veteran.

Account ages are deceiving. I joined roblox 8 years ago.

But it only says 1 year ago? That’s because this is my alt account for the devforum only. Perhaps for him, he lost his main account?

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ok, by the way i never lost any accounts. this is not my alt, as i only have 2 alts which are named GOAWAYICY & Apple_Truce

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Ridiculously immature, pathetically arrogant and unskilled. No extra comment.

Correct! Next question, will he get good?