Is my UI Design decent? [Not done with it]

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The way the the UI comes yo the middle of the screen after something being selected looks delayed in a way.


Don’t know if it is the gyazo, but the UI looks a little jumpy, otherwise, really nice!


It’s very good! Having your UI shaped liked that is unique and the color combinations, as well as the font choice, give a minimalistic yet pleasant tone and effect. My only concern is that the movement is not completely fluid and smooth due to a slight delay, however, it still looks great even with that and it could just be an issue with the Gyazo.

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Pretty sure the smoothness is because of gyazo, or whatever they’re using.

Happens to me all the time with it.

Well, the main UI (with the Play, Players, Character) does has a whole half of the screen empty. Try spreading the buttons apart. Apart from that, the design is pretty good

The animation looks definitely good

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My only issue is it I feel like it should be centered, especially in the first menu it looks a bit odd being to the right.

Reminds me of Puyo Puyo Champions interface, however the UI elements are slanted and only exit or enter in one direction, in contrast to yours which has two directions. The second scene has too similar colours, I seem to understand that you coloured them by difficulty, but it doesn’t pop out more like the first scene

It is smooth if you actually play it. Play Here

Thanks. And yeah it’s Gyazo. Try it for yourself here.

I was going to make background objects appear to the right, that’s why I left some sapce.

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The second scene is about Play and since the Play is blue, I’m making colors of the Play difficulties shades of blue.

Same with other buttons.

This is why I have the spaces to the left empty.

I would try centering the main UI to make it look concise. I would also lower the amount of text you put on the descriptions. Nobody wants to read paragraphs in a game

I was going to put background elements to the right, that’s why I left spaces. Also, it’s a concept UI design I made in Roblox Studio. I wouldn’t really recommended anyone to make their players read a lot.

Ah okay, other those things it looks great!I really like the unique and accessible design

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The design looks so clean but the normal card’s background is too bright?