Is my upcoming and first project going to be copyrighted?

I want to make a Fallout roleplay project but I’m worried if it’s going to get removed and marked copyright. The project is going to be based on the video game, Fallout: New Vegas. I do not want to say the name but my question is, will the setting of the game and the title be copyright and removed? Please give me any ideas and suggestions so I can try to prevent copyright from getting involved. Thanks!

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Instead of making a duplicate thread you should know that you can move your own threads to different categories so you don’t have to repost them.

Anyways so long as you don’t use the Fallout trademark, name, or logo you’re fine.

Post-apocalypse as a theme isn’t owned. The IP, however, is.


Alright, thank you for telling me. I’ll try my best to not make this mistake in the future. :flushed: :worried:

About the topic, thanks for the idea. I will try to not include Fallout related things into my project. :slightly_smiling_face:

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