Is my verification broke?

( I Don’t know if this is the right category or if there even is a category but I honestly don’t know where else to ask) Am I the only one who isn’t being verified? I tried yesterday and did the whole process and it told me I was done and could close the tab, a day later I don’t have the option and theres nothing telling me it’s pending or anything like that, so I tried again today, and it still doesn’t work?

Since when you are running into that issue? I used to have the same issue, though the option appeared again after a few hours, maybe if you just wait

It seems like a lot of people are also having the same issue, including my friend. I think it’s either a website bug or it could take time to verify someone. Not sure as mine got verified immediately

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I am experiencing the same issue, I am pretty sure it will take a while to process.

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