Is newproxy actually useful?

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I recently learned about the existence of newproxy which creates empty userdata, useful for creating identifiers that aren’t numbers, or anything you can recreate. I see that in Lua 5.1, a userdata respects __len and some other metamethods. I also think that a userdata costs less memory than an empty table.

However, I don’t know if using it is safe. newproxy was removed in Lua 5.2, but it is in Luau (for compatibility?). Lua 5.2 and Luau also added __len support for tables, which was previously supported by newproxy. I won’t use metatables, I will be using it as an identifier object. Is it actually useful and supported? Or should I go with an empty table? Or should I try using a more OO way of doing it, by turning that into a table with values, and combine that with the functionality an “identifier object” can provide?

If you haven’t encountered this thread already.

newproxy wasn’t removed from Lua 5.2 due to safety concerns, it was simply made redundant by the introduction of newer features.