Is nobody gonna talk about how Roblox just doesnt support Mobile GUIS

I dont know how long I’ve been dealing with this issue, and players of my game. But for some reason the default GUI parameters scale the GUI Offset, meaning Mobile players screens do not look the same.

And I’m honestly tired of having to change the size every time just so I can make my games mobile friendly. I’m not a mobile player myself but I’ve seen how this has affected small games that dont know about this issue.

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There are plenty of resources to help with this.


Yeah I know but it seems like ROBLOX is not supporting Mobile GUIS, and this is a huge problem for developers that are unaware of this issue.

What? I do not understand the problem. You are concerned that gui objects, like ImageFrame, have a default size of {0,100,0,100}?

@brodywth do you mean the conextactionservice and the userinputservice?

Yeah, I dont understand why roblox defaults the size to offset. And @PrinceGold86 I’m talking about GUI Scaling, the GUI usually is in a position it isnt supposted to be, or a size it isnt supposed to be. So basically:

You spawn in a GUI and you scale it similar to a box because your making a menu button. That menu button will not appear, or even worse take up the whole screen.

When a UI object is inserted, the default size isn’t intended to be used as is. It’s just the preset value, the same way that parts are expected to be resized, and not left at their default 2x1x4.

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But whenever you resize it remains offset. And their isnt a valid reason that I’ve yet heard for this feature being in-place.

And parts remain in the same place unlike GUIS freshly inserted, they are in different places. So no its not really like a part.

Just use the Scale properties instead of Offset.

I do, but I’m saying for those that don’t even know about the offset and make a game they think is mobile friendly, Plus it doesn’t even make sense why they even have it set to offset, even if you scale normally not changing anything, it changes the offset not the real position.

And for those trying to make a mobile friendly-game without knowing about the offset are going to spend most of their time wondering how and then realize they need to rescale every single gui, frame, imagelabel, text button, and more

It takes practice and good use of both offset and scale to make good interfaces. It’s a skill to know when to use either or both. Only using scale also comes with the problems of UI becoming distorted because of the different aspect ratio that users will be playing the game. Only using offset can lead to interfaces that are too big or small.

You can also use the mobile emulator to test out what your interface looks like on different devices inside studio.


Scale makes the UI super small.