Is obfuscation allowed?

50% of people say it is, and 50% say it isn’t.

Which is it? I’ve read many posts and can’t find a correct answer.

I want to create a model, but I don’t want people stealing my code. I do not plan anything malicious with my code.

Can I obfuscate it and publish it to roblox for people to use?

If not, how can I protect my code from being copied.



The short answer is that it is technically allowed, though, it probably isn’t a good idea. If you are publishing some sort of service you want to lock for specific things, obfuscation won’t do what you’d like, it’s pretty trivial for someone with the right experience to come in and figure out how to get around any sort of stuff you might have to prevent your service from running.

There’s no rule explicitly saying you cannot obfuscate code, but the better question is why would you want to? The important part of the product is it’s function; not necessarily the way it works. If someone were to copy your product, they’d just copy everything and reupload it under a different name.

Also, even if you don’t intend to put anything malicious into your code, you can’t exactly prove it.

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Reason I want to is so that nobody re-uploads it under a different name and removes my credits.

So it is allowed, am I correct? (ofc NOT for malicious purposes)

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Yes, it is allowed, but not a good idea.

It is allowed, but if somebody wanted to reupload it they could just re-obfuscate the code with different settings and still take your credit.

Thanks. I will be using it, but I will be careful. The whole point of the thing I’m making is to be secure.

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When I say credit I mean in the code and on the guis and stuff, though I know what you mean. Thanks for the help.

This part isn’t allowed, you can see for yourself when you try to upload it as a model

I see. It does say may, and only if the code is malicious, which I dont plan on it being any time soon.

It says or obfuscated code, not and

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