Is PBR fully released?

My game design may use PBR, my question is; Has PBR been fully released into mainstream studio?


Yep, it’s part of “Future Lighting”, so long as you enable that you should be good for studio as well as live games. I’ve heard a bit of noise though that it might not run well on older devices, causing them some performance problems. Might be worth considering some testing on your own end before fully investing in a PBR reliant game :+1:

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Ah alright, I doubt older devices would have enough ram to play my game anyway, so what you are saying is by enabling future lighting in the lighting tab I presume, PBR is enabled?

Actually hold up, may have accidentally mislead you haha - sorry bout that. So SurfaceAppearances are still in studio beta, so you’d be able to design with them but not see them in a live game. I assumed it was part of the Phase 3 FIB rollout when it was not.

Edit: on further reflection - it kind of is related?

So it incorporates some of the cool surface tech being worked on separately, but use of PBR is not fully reliant on FIB3

Ah, that is sad. Was really hoping to feature PBR in my game; future lighting could work well though. But PBR adds depth to the textures.

Honestly I’d say go for it - by the point of studio beta it’s most certainly coming out, just not necessarily in the next week or so. If you make a fun game around it you can always release it the second it’s enabled - I did the same thing with the Mesh Skinning tech and that worked out for me.

I’m aiming for a 2021 release date, knowing ROBLOX. I doubt it will be out by then. Just worried about the fact of rolling the game out without PBR, then adding it later and having a bunch of users leave due to graphical and lag concerns.

I’ll just add what I know here; PBR on default Roblox materials is a thing, and it’s most easily viewable in ShadowMap or (preferably) Future lighting. Custom PBR materials are currently in beta- they don’t work on client yet.

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Just an update for all of you, PBR is now enabled in published games, all you have to do is enable the feature in studio beta so you can edit it. Good luck!