Is profanity usually allowed on the forums?

I recently stumbled across a few posts that had profanity in them and they were not removed or anything? At first I thought that nobody saw those posts and never flagged them, but then I saw that they were made a couple of years ago so they had to be seen by people. So that made me think is profanity is allowed on here or not?


I believe some profanity is allowed, yes


In private categories, yes. Mild, non-directed swearing is alright. Although those posts are pretty old so the forums were probably lenient as fuck

Don’t swear just for the sake of swearing.


Under the current rules profanity is:

  • not allowed in public sections.
  • not allowed to be directed at others.
  • not allowed on the bulletin board.

It should also be kept at a minimum and in a professional manner (not being used in an extreme sense).



Here’s the relevant post in the rules:

  • No directed swearing
  • No sexual/extreme language

@6Clu The actual rule saying not to swear is probably a bit more helpful than just posting the thread of the rules and a Bulletin Board rule.


If you look in the heading post of the topic (the first one) defined under the link as 46429/1 but if you type that it defaults to 46429 it was a reference to:

Do not behave inappropriately

Be polite. Aggression and profanity directed at other users are not allowed. Personal attacks and trolling are not allowed. Controversial subjects such as politics and religion are also not allowed. Profanity is not allowed in public sections. Content that is not-safe-for-work, including drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, is not allowed.

Hence why I posted that link aha.


Oh, my bad. A quote like you just did would’ve been less confusing, though.


Posts with foul language are from like 2013 - 2016. That was WAY back then. As it says in the TOS “Swearing isn’t allowed in public sections”. Overall, you shouldn’t use foul language.