Is PromptSendFriendRequest is deprecated

Either its not working anymore or im just dumb.
Recently i discovered PromptSendFriendRequest but no matter how much i tried i couldnt get it working. Can someone help me? How should i use it (No errors in output at all. Player is in game)
game:GetService(“StarterGui”):SetCore(“PromptSendFriendRequest”, game.Players.bilbert_2085)


Are you doing this from a server or a local script?

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of course from client. originally i thought the problem was that local script was in rs instead of starter gui, but when i tried it with a simple button it still didnt work. i have no idea now.
try making a new baseplate and use this feature. let me know if it works for you (you should also test it in game not in studio)

No, no need for me to test it. I already did a while ago and it worked perfectly for me.

I tested it again and it works!

Try it yourself I guess.
absolutely horrendously quick test file.rbxm (6.5 KB)

Well i added your model to my place and it didnt work, i tried using other computer and mobile and nothing changed. i added ur model to a baseplate and yet still nothing neither on computer nor mobile. AND NOTHING IN OUTPUT. Well if it works for you that means this thing is not deprecated.

while researching i found a game which uses this prompt and in this game it actually works. Damn i have no idea

Ahem. It’s maybe because you two are… FRIENDS!? Unfriend the player.

OH I REALISED… I was incredebly dumb. my alt was already my friend and thats why… I almost never post here only when i have no idea whats happening and this happens. alright still thank you for help

This has to be the most odd outcome to any post ever lol. Anyways glad your issue is fixed and glad I could help!

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