Is recommending fps unlocker against TOS in this case?

I have a game with realistic graphics and it performs… fine… with a strong device (50-60fps).
But roblox FPS unlocker fixes it.
I want the best for my players but i don’t vant to violate TOS.
Is the use justified here or am i just stupid?

Roblox FPS unlocker is allowed and I encourage it

I don’t really know because FPS unlockers are a third-party app, they improve your gameplay in a way by giving you more FPS therefore seen as an exploit. Recommending exploits is not necessarily something you want to be doing, but I could be wrong.

You can use (standalone) FPS unlockers without having moderation action taken against your account in any form.

That all depends on the form it is used in,

application-based FPS unlockers are fine but the ones that inject .dll files into the application are the ones that can get you into trouble.


It won’t violate any Roblox TOS. A FPS Unlocker doesn’t give advantages amongst other players, besides giving you a better game play. So you will be fine.

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There’s some advantages to them actually, but not a big deal.


Actually, everything (Almost) that includes RunService.Heartbeat, etc will be faster, so therebefore can be a BIG advantage(2X speed at least)

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Yes, this is true, but it’s really up to game developers to not rely insanely heavily on those events for important game logic.

Actually, you can rely on them with no problem with an FPS Cap set to 60 FPS.

A roblox admin actually said that FPS Unlockers will not get you banned.

It was a post on twitter a while back. I cannot find it :confused:

Roblox said at an RDC that you won’t get banned for using an FPS unlocker.

This one I belive is the one which Roblox said is ok to use.

Roblox may false ban some fpsunlockers which use DLL injection so I suggest you stick with the one made by axstin.

However I do think that directing users off site is not allowed in your game so do not say it directly in your game. However on other platforms where your players follow you you can give them a link of it.


Games should be relying on deltaTime to make sure that’s not the case, but unfortunately many do not.