Is roadkill allowed on roblox?

I really know that roadkill is unholy nature. I am currently making a road game and I feel like roadkill may be able to make roads more realistic (trees, sticks etc.) But I realize that these are animal corpses. (Raccoons, deer, skunks, opossums etc) But in real life this is real stuff and its pretty common to see roadkill.

But this is just a question to ask all of you guys if this is allowed, but I will not make black tire marks or the animal’s intestines showing. I genuinely agree that roadkill is gross but it should go here.

This will be more like real life though when this is added. It would be more detailed in comparison to road things in real life, such as trees, tires and empty bird nests.

This will be really violent, but it is really nature. Please respond, I am afraid I may get banned for this addition.


It depends what would the road kill look like.


This is a topic I never thought I would see, as long as it isn’t pure bloody and realistic, I’m sure it should be allowed, show us a picture of it, then we can give better answers.

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(I’ve never seen roadkill round the UK but I am guessing places like Texas might have that a lot)

It probably won’t be bannable if you don’t add really gruesome stuff, can you give us an example?

Also to go around handling this I would put a flat animal, no gore.
Like a raccoon but just squished like a pancake.


sure. adding a setting to turn it off is a possible solution


Regardless of how toned-down it is, roadkill isn’t appropriate for a Roblox audience so I would advise against adding it. Keep in mind a significant portion of Roblox’s players are <13. I highly doubt Roblox would tolerate dead animals at the side of a road on their platform.

Can you not just proceed with trees, flowers, and other nature?

(After seeing that image I think the answer to your question is obvious).


May you show an example built in roblox?

That is a great idea

i also found in the ROBLOX community rules it says nothing about animals or animal gore so i think your fine

Roblox Community Rules – Roblox Support

I played a game recently with roadkill, it was quite popular, and has been up for a long time so I’m assuming its fine.

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How is it natural? I’m also not sure why you would want to add a dismembered animal in your game, because frankly it’s horrific.


I mean gore is against the tos but why would you add it most of the people wont enjoy it

I believe gore is allowed to a certain extent but not at all on console ill have to check the TOS

Just saying, you should make the picture of the roadkill in a “Hide Details” thing as some people might find it disturbing.

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Well if you think about it, people actually do enjoy gore in roblox…

a few Examples;

Combat Warriors,
ZOぞ [WIP] ,
Mortem Metallum,
Blood Flow,
Blood Phsysics,

  1. Overly violent content and/or content related to tragic current events or circumstances. We do not allow such content, including:
  • Atrocities, massacres, and other shocking real (or pseudo-real) world events; and
  • Extreme violence, physical or psychological abuse.

is not allowed but the keyword is extreme meaning you can have moderate violence.


Yet again shocking events such as road kill so i believe it may be best to not put it in the game

adding tire marks could actually help as it gives context on to why there is a dead animal on the road, which surprisingly can help with moderation

or you can simply add the animal and adding a setting to “turn off roadkill” as that gives enough context as well

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If you show us a picture we can give more info, however myself (and most others can agree) that it really does come down to the amount of gore.

I assume you will not get banned if it wont be too gore. For example, change a bit the blood color and dont make the corpses too realistic. Im pretty sure that would help you out. You can also add a setting to turn it off.

IMO making the animals cartoony would help it get past moderation. Tire marks and a normal-shaped animal with a tire-shaped depression would be the way to go.