Is Roblox algorithm finally recognizing my game?

I’ve looked into sponsored advertisements and theories regarding how long it takes for Roblox to recognize a game and slowly start putting it into the algorithm to make it more recognizable and expose it to more players.

Apparently, running continuous sponsored advertisements or hitting a certain amount of visits (personal theory I read) gets roblox to expose your game more on the site.

Moving onto the topic, within the past 2 weeks my game has not been able to maintain a stable CCU at all without sponsored advertisements running. However, within this week I’ve noticed that without sponsored advertisements running, the game is able to gain a stable CCU of 1-4 around times.

I know 1-4 active players doesn’t seem like much, but considering I had 0 these past 2 weeks without sponsored advertisements it seems like an improvement and a good start.

Does this sudden rise in active players within my game (without sponsored advertisements running) mean that Roblox is finally recognizing my game and slowly creeping it into the algorithm? All responses and insights appreciate, thanks alot. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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Maybe they’re returning Players from the Sponsored ads (slightly unlikely), or they just searched up a term your game contains and found your game’s icon/title interesting to click on.

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