Is Roblox ready for single player games?

Roblox is very much a social gaming platform, I find most of the experiences on Roblox are made a lot better by having that connection with other players. I believe that the company believes the same as they’re very focused on creating an inclusive social community. However, some of my favourite gaming experiences outside of Roblox were single player games. There is also the massive category of mobile-type games that are often single player as well.

I’d like to create a single player game, however I’m concerned that retention along with revenue would dip due to the loss of social aspects, which I find greatly improve those statistics. Do you think Roblox is ready for this type of game?


Well, Yes they are I have to say from my point of view most people would like single player games mostly because of trolls and people being rude I mostly think having single player is good for roblox and I want to see more of it chill and fun somethings by yourself.

Single player games are new and people are going to play it more.

Multi-player games are obviously have a higher chance to be successful, however it really depends on what your singe player game actually is. If you tried making a single-player Working at a Pizza Place or MeepCity, that would be a fail obviously. However horror games could gain a playerbase, this has been done some years ago.

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Certainly it’s possible; however, it’s a niche that is rarely explored. I’ve seen several successful attempts at this (ie Ramona), but it is far more difficult to gain a following or make tons of dough because retention drops significantly.

One thing I see in favour of single player games is the leader board.
Each player has a chance to get a better score and move up the leader board using just there own skills and not getting help or interference from other players.
I suggest starting a Play Solo mode and if you can see a way of playing with multiple players have a multi-player leader board for that mode.

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In that regard, why not put single player games in a multiplayer environment?

More or less

Do you think the player count shows that Roblox is not ready for single player games?

Hiya! It really depends on the game. If the game, let’s say it’s a first person horror game, then yes. Stuff like that is bound to grab people’s attention. It all depends on the game itself.

EDIT: Oops, sorry meant to reply to OP.

If you are going for ratings, singleplayer games can work. But if you are trying to make a financial gain of it, you will probably struggle. The way that makes the most sense of making money off of a singleplayer game is probably by having paid access. I saw a Youtuber play a game that was filled with different horror story games that you can pay for to play. This is something that could definitely work, however with how ROBLOX just is, they will mostly likely never make as much money as a multiplayer game with the same amount of players. If you are going for passion though, go for it! You will still be rewarded with ratings, bloxy awards, and an appreciative fanbase. :slight_smile: