Is "RobloxGameSecurer" a VIRUS?

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Hey Devs,
(almost) every time I play my game, this script appears:


And this is what’s inside the script:

-- This script runs the game securer do not remove this!
-- it has been placed in here just incase you remove it

-- This is a http checker it will automatically delete once you enable http requests
local studio = game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio()
function check()
	local success,error = pcall(function()
	if success then
		return "true"
		return "false"
if studio and check() ~= "true" then
	local h ="Hint",workspace)
	h.Text = "Http Services Arent Enabled, To enable them, go to the Home tab, Game settings button, options tab, and select the On option under Allow HTTP Requests"
if check() == "true" then

It keeps throwing this error:

So I’m not really sure if it’s a virus or not.

If you didn’t create this I would check your plugins to make sure nothing is a program to add this in and delete the script. This isn’t a script made by Roblox. The script is very suspicious so probably a virus.


Defiantly isn’t a Roblox script. It wouldn’t just appear there out of nowhere. I’d recommend you check your plugins for any false ones and remove the script out of your game.

The script doesn’t appear in any newer games I made

In this case you or Roblox Staff might have already deleted the false plugin. Still would delete the script out of your game.

It’s most likely a virus. Everything in the script screams virus.

I added a script that checks for the suspicous script and deletes it if it’s there

Well if that script didn’t detect this as virus then it doesn’t seem to work because this defiantly is a virus based on how it looks like.

Hopefully this helps

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If this keeps appearing after you delete it. You need to identify the source of where it coming from.

I’d still recommend you to check your Roblox Plugin Inventory for any suspecious plugins. Usually you can detect them by small amount of likes, or big amount of dislikes, small amount of favourites but big amount of likes. Theres alot of ways to see suspecious Plugins. If you do find one I’d recommend to remove that from your Inventory and check if the script still appears in your game.

(Incase after you deleted a plugin and the script still appears, you can re-install the plugin and search for a different plugin that could be the source)

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Alright thanks

This script is most definitly a * virus * so I recommend everyone who has this in their game to DELETE it…

Thanks for helping, @HeavenruIer and @LiquifySlashes :wink:


Out of curiosity, what does the script look like it does? I’m not very experienced when it comes to identifying virus scripts.

First, it requires a module from somewhere. The module that it gets is where the real virus script is. It’s obscured like this to keep the developer from noticing that something is wrong.

Then, it checks for HTTP access, probably because the virus needs HTTP to function. This is here because it looks less suspicious to see the HTTP check in an unrelated empty script than next to a bunch of unfamiliar code.

Also, as a general rule of thumb, remember that big tech companies will always spell check their messages. The grammatical/format mistakes in the comments mean that it is definitely not written by Roblox. This rule also applies for many scams, so it’s useful to know.

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Also, if you attempted to use a pirated copy of a plugin, it likely has a virus. It’s quite common for people to steal a plugin, put a virus in it, and then publish it for free.

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FYI, Roblox doesnt insert any scripts into your workspace/ServerScriptService. Only some at runtime which you wouldn’t even see during editing.

It’s located in terrain which is very weird…

This is not a virus. It does nothing other than require obsolete material and check if HTTP services work.

Yeah no, thats definitely a virus. And even if it wasn’t why would it be located in terrain? This is most likely a virus since terrain is the last spot people would check.

I meant that the model it refers to was deleted so it can no longer do harm.