Is saying lmao allowed?

This might be a dumb post, but better safe then sorry. Since profanity isn’t allowed on the Fourms, and lmao and lmfao is an abbreviation with curse words in it, is it still allowed to say? I’ve been using it for a while, but I just became concerned about it, so I decided to ask. Sorry for the dumb post, but I had to ask.

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lmao is fine, lmfao is likely only appropriate in private sections, used sparingly.

Since the former has no cuss word in, it’s fine.


Profanity is only allowed if used sparingly to make a point or to express one self if appropriate - in private categories. I wouldn’t use it in public categories.


Being that ‘lmao’ isn’t blocked on Roblox’s chat systems themselves, I’d assume they’d be fine here.

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You’re probably better off not using either in publicly viewable categories. It’s not super professional.


Yes it is. Lots of other phrases will get tagged out. It is not considered profanity.

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You’re probably even better off not using profane language at all.

Despite what I say though, I still do it. Mostly on Discord though.

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