Is scripting not for me?

This might sound STUPID So, recently I was trying to learn scripting by watching tutorials, DevHub and reading a bunch of Articles and I just couldn’t do it like could not understand and I just got bored of it and thought it’s too hard and I wont understand it and I didn’t enjoyed it afterwards but this does not happen with me in other stuff like learning GFX etc and I keep qutting after a certain amount of time. I wanna ask you guys a question, so based on what I have been experiencing with scripting, is scripting not for me?


To learn script and understand it you must be a min age of 13 because of school teaching lot of math and having a basic iq which mean you must be intelligent not too much or more. The question scripting is not for me is no scripting can be for everyone you really want to know scripting but you can’t then you will have to put max effort in it believe me if you understand lua or scripting then every programming language will be easy
Not only that you will even say yourself “Dang this lua is easy its just sets and all this time I thought it was hard but its just a simple logic” so yea scripting will be for you if you start putting max effort


No, my friend, scripting is not for everyone, otherwise, everyone would know how to program and no one would need to hire a programmer to do something.

Yes, everyone can learn to program but what divides a good programmer from a normal/bad programmer is their interest and math.

If you don’t have interest and if you think you can’t learn it and get bored, then move on to something else. You don’t have to learn to program.


The question of “is scripting not for me” can only really be answered by you yourself, you know yourself and what you like more than others.

Honestly if I had to state my opinion, just do whatever you find enjoyable. If you didn’t enjoy scripting because it was difficult or boring for you, then don’t script, no one’s forcing you to script, do other things you enjoy, like how you mentioned, you didn’t quit GFX Designing easily, so why don’t you continue that?

But if you still want ot learn scripting, do it at a comfortable pace and practice a lot, scripting is a complicated practice sometimes and it’s not easy to get into, I know this by experience

Basically, just do what you find passion in, no one is forcing you to do something you don’t find interesting, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours and other passions you may find


I think your right I have been learning scripting for like 1,2,3 years and I keep qutting either it is too difficult or I cant do it or I just couldn’t get anywhere after 1,2,3 years

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If you’ve been quitting scripting many times and not getting anywhere in those years, then it clearly shows that it’s not for you. You don’t have to continue pursuing it if it’s not for you, there are other things you could try out to see if they’re for you, liek GFX Designing, Modelling, Building, etc.


Yeah. I tried scripting, and I sucked at it. You could try so many other things, though. That’s why I love ROBLOX.


I was 12 when I learnt to script, there really isn’t a minimum age to learn programming, as far as I’m concerned, it is just a language, and usually learning languages can be just as difficult, if not more difficult. The older you are, the more likely you are to pick it up and gain an interest in it, but you don’t have to be at least 13 to learn.


I legit know some people as young as 11 to amazing scripting ability and understanding for their age. Age is definetly not a requirement for scripting. Although it helps with school there’s many people younger than me who are probably a lot more advanced with mathematics.

Lua is a more layed back in terms of syntax and difficulty to master and learning at your own pace is an amazing thing to do. I was 12 when I started scripting and now I know my ways around the “advanced” skillset for lua.

One thing to do when scripting is to have fun. Make creations for your friends to have fun on. Take feedback and try and improve yourself. I’m glad this happened over lockdown since I had a lot of time to focus on teaching myself lua from the ground up.


Anyone can learn to script, ask anyone who’s experienced with Lua and they’ll likely tell you they’ve felt lost at times.

It’s normal to have times where your mind just can’t process it, you need to stick at it and you’ll catch a grip. Just stick it out and you’ll find a moment of euphoria where things just start to make sense, don’t cram your mind too much, if you need help with anything feel free to message me.


It’s all on you bro. If you enjoy it, pursue it. Don’t? Try something else.

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Programming is not for everyone, but everyone can learn how to program. I was in the same position as you when I was 11. I really wanted to code and I’d read articles and watch youtube videos and I wouldn’t understand anything. I’d try for like 30-60 mins and give up. This repeated for months but I never gave up. In a year I was able to do basic scripting, and I’d say at 13 I was very fluent and would say an intermediate scripter. I am turning 16 in a few months and although I still program on Roblox, I also do web developing now with multiple languages and code on other different game engines. If you are really committed and patient, the sky is the limit. I’d never think I’ll be here at 11, yet here I am. Take your time, have fun and don’t put your expectations too high. Also I saw a reply here regarding math, yes math knowledge is a good thing to have and definitely an extra but not necessary. Good luck!


If you want to learn scripting you have to take your time. I am still learning some stuff and I have been scripting for about a year and a half.

Programming is just Caffeine for me