Is sponsoring my game worth it?

Right now, I have a game called ‘Quadrants!’ which I released this August. I am considering spending robux to sponsor the game, to get it off of the ground (I have 10K to spend). Is sponsoring my game a good use of my robux or is there a better way to try and grow the game?

the game: [NEW EXPERIMENTS] Quadrants! - Roblox


I dont think sponsoring would be a good use of robux in this case, as the game doesn’t have the most appealing Icon/Thumbnail, and sponsoring has been a toss up as of recent (for me).

I’d suggest trying to create community around thea game and having more community events in the game, you could also reach out to small creators to join the game with their communities.

The game would definetly make a loss if sponsors ran, I’d encourage to update the Icon/Thumbnail to something more attractive to the audience you want to attract and make the shop more appealing to the eyes.

The best way for the game to grow, is probably through natural sources and social media. I wouldn’t recommend spending robux on ads currently.


the icon and thumbnails are not appealing enough to advertise or sponsor

also advertising and sponsoring are rendered useless now just pay youtubers to play your game and promote your game through social media


Advertising can be really difficult on Roblox. There is never a definitive answer for it as everyone has had their own experience with their own game, I’ve seen sponsorships work just as well as ads, or simply word of mouth work better, but I would 100% recommend to never pay for advertising out of your pocket. It is just insanely costly and pretty much gambling. There is so much competition on the website that the 300$ or more you spent on buying robux for advertisements will almost always be outcompeted by a limited trader who has millions of un-devexable robux. Plus, advertising isn’t a fix all. If your game is already struggling to keep players playing, more players will very rarely help that, but if your game does keep a few consistent players, advertising can help the playerbase grow and form a community.