Is Star Wars copyrighted?

So I’ve had a game called Inquisitors for a bit now but now I’m kinda worried I could be copyrighted.

So the game is about being an Inquisitor for the Galactic Empire.

After my friend told me: “You should change Sith to something else and Lightsaber to Lightsword or something”, I’m wondering if I should change Sith to something else and Lightsaber to something else.

If I do this, it takes away the risk of getting copyrighted, and it gives more creativeness to it.

But, I don’t want to do it. Unless I should or must do it, I will not.

So I want your thoughts. Thanks!

Also, should I move this to #discussion? Or is #help-and-feedback:game-design-support fine?

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Yes, Star Wars and pretty much everything related to it is copyright by The Lucasfilm Ltd., which is owned by Disney. While it is copyright, the odds are that they are not going to bother wasting their time and getting ROBLOX games taken down. (Although it has happened in the past with other companies.)

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Yes and no, Star Wars in the past has been part of promotional events so some content is uploaded by roblox and therefor allowed to be used, therefor it becomes harder to define what you can and cant use, however in general using the term ‘Star Wars’ would be allowed since that has been included in roblox events.


Thanks for the replies, @LuaBearyGood and @CAP7A1N.

I also want to know if I should un-copyright it. So a yes or no question.

So, I want to know if it is copyrighted (Yes or No - Both!), and if I should remove things that have to do with star wars (Yes or No).

If you do not have explicit permission from the copyright holder, you should not use the intellectual property.

In the case of previous promotional events, a temporary license to the specific assets were given to Roblox / games in promotion - which does not extend to every Roblox developer. This also means that they could not just use anything outside of the promotional assets within Star Wars.

If you were to use the Star Wars IP, you risk your game being taken down or your account being suspended.

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Legally yes, you should change your fame to something that isn’t copyrighted. But in reality, there are tons of larger Star Wars games that are still there… so…


Regards to OP, yes, it’s copyrighted. Regardless of if other people do it, it’s still wrong. You can abuse the fact that “other people do it,” but if you were caught outside of Roblox doing it, you’d be in trouble. Don’t use that excuse as a shield.

It would be best to replace the names. High chance you won’t get caught, but the owner’s of that property don’t want people using their stuff without permission either and since they have the law on their side, it’d be best if you did.

@LuaBearyGood Not how that works.

A promotional event gives the right to those items in particular for a specific amount of time, not the entire brand itself.

A prime example would be Adopt Me when they had that Scoob! event not too long ago. I don’t know about any of the conversations between them and the movie studio. However, Scooby and the Mystery Machine could have been permanent additions to the game, but they probably weren’t allowed the permission, so they weren’t.

The accessories and stuff branded with the Star Wars logo still exists and is usable on the platform, therefor as I said some Star Wars branding would be allowed, if you wanted to be realy safe you could rip the texture of a hat or something with the Star Wars logo and manipulate it in a way it just shows the logo.

If it’s the promotional item, then yeah. But it seems like he’s creating his own assets with the brand name, so that’s a no.

So basically I should change stuff.

What stuff though? Play the game to see which things I should change.