Is studio down?

Script edits are not applying as well

I had that issue as well, I was trying to update my fps game.

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Experiences don’t load, the profiles don’t display avatar items, inventory is completely blank, catalog keeps loading forever

It’s broken for sure.
Nothing is loading on anything


Can’t open settings:

Yea Im pretty sure, im dealing with the same issues and my scripts wouldn’t save before…

I think ROBLOX is having a ongoing outage right now. I can’t even log into my account in the app. It’s just stuck on “Initializing”

I’m pretty confident the literally is posted by a human, so until they update it their will be no reflection.

I can only imagine someone is walking into David’s office with the expression of “uh sir… the entire website has broken again”.

Problem should be resolved now though, experiences just came back.

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Umm, it says “Active Incident” actually. So they updated it.

Can confirm!

It’s a service disruption. Not sure what that means, but obviously something is broken, or not working correctly.

It reset my docking again

It seems to be fixed now

It better ALL be fixed soon. Already made a post on the profile thing about a day ago.

@ Profile Avatar items gone blank

What even…

Issue fixed. Check the Roblox Status page now. They just updated it.

Seems like Roblox is having total issues, it’s even warning on the DevForum
I feel like Free Limiteds have something to do with this…

You can check the live Roblox Status here which displays any occurring or past issues:

This was resolved 2 hours ago, not to mention you didn’t read my post clearly, I mention the status site…

Yes you did mention this however you were displaying it’s current status instead of the identified issues section and I do not see a Solution marked in this entire thread so how am I suppose to know when it’s resolved.

Please mark somebody’s post that resolved this issue for you then.

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