Profile Avatar items gone blank

Tried checking out the items someone was wearing. As of today (?) the user profile no longer individually displays the items someone is wearing (shown in the image).

Same goes for their inventory, which is blank regardless of their privacy setting.

  • This even goes for mine!

Anyone else experiencing this?

Probably some limited sniper bots overtasking the catalog api.

Ah, I did consider it a possibility, going off of a YouTube title by SharkBlox.
Not sure it this is some way from Roblox to work around the issue (I’m not known with it) or indeed, as you said, excessive use of the API.

Regardless, I would’ve at least liked to see a mentioning of it somewhere. Even a TextLabel on the page mentioning something’s down or not working right - perhaps even with this lil’ character

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Well, everything is loading fine for me, its probably your local issue.

The only work around would be adding captchas to ATLEAST free limiteds.

This is still an issue. Additionally, the catalog and home page are also experiencing issues.

Experiences have been fixed. The catalog, inventory and someone’s current avatar items are still not showing…

Do you have a VPN perhaps? It may be interferring with connections.

Nope, not using any VPNs


Hm. Don’t see any more signs of this, as it appears to be ‘fixed’. Hope it stays this way.

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