Is Substance Painter worth it?!

  • yes
  • no

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If I’m right, it’s a 3D modeling software. If so, Blender is free and is used a lot so you’re very likely to have tutorials & stuff on it & it has add-ons.

I wouldn’t pay for software when it has a free alternative, so in my opinion, no.


all though, i have a student license to get it free, so is it worth installing?

I wouldn’t consider Substance worth it for Roblox development (particularly for entry-level developers) because of its steep price tag and other softwares’ abilities to produce similar-quality materials and textures.

Know that the educational license associated with the Substance suite only allows for personal use, meaning that you can’t legally use anything you create with Substance in any of your Roblox games—I would recommend finding cheaper alternatives or exploring how to achieve comparable results in free software like Blender that features similar tools.

Substance Painter can actually also be purchased for a one-time payment of $150 through Steam as opposed to the recurring payments the suite requires, so if you’re really set on Substance and believe that it will benefit your workflow and future to the point where dropping that much is worth it to you, then that’s likely the best route to take. Note that I would still consider the other alternatives mentioned above as better options pertaining to Roblox development.

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i understand…

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Definitely is worth it if you’re in the texturing industry. Creates great textures, but you could definitely make textures without it.

It is free for students, so you could get it as long as you provide a valid ID card of you being a student.