Is text size an illusion?


The text size and line height are both the same size so why does the text look smaller than the line? Noticabely smaller that is?

How can I fix this, I don’t like the idea of the text frame being larger than the line frame as they are meant to be the same size split half and half in the main frame?


I can’t confirm this but I’m pretty sure it has to do with the font. Switching the font to Legacy might help.

For some reason, different fonts have this “bounding space”. You can look at the TextBounds property to get the bounding box of the text.

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That might be a solution for some people but when using other Fonts the problem will persist. I have looked into the Font DataType and cannot see any mention of varying Bounding Space between fonts.

You might just need to have a script that will, in bulk, automatically set some settings based on a font table consisting of the bounding size.

Otherwise, I’m not sure.

FontFace =“rbxasset://fonts/families/SourceSansPro.json”, Enum.FontWeight.ExtraLight, Enum.FontStyle.Normal)
Much Smaller.

Try increasing the font size until TextFits is false. Then, decrease the font size just enough so that it will fit.

I think this works but I’m not sure.

The property of TextFits is read-only.

That’s what I mean. Incrementally change the text size up by 1 and when the property begins to change to false, change the text size down so it stays true.

It’s fine. I’ll just use a more visible Font like Arial.

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