Is That a Module?

So I Have been seeing This Message in a lot of Games Lately:
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and im not Talking About The Error Message itself, im Talking About The Box That is Containing The Error Message
And I wonder if That is a Module Like Topbar Plus or Roact and if it is, Then Please Send me its Name
and if it is not, Then Tell me

Don’t know if it’s a module but games can verify if you have voice chat enabled.

No i mean The Error Message Box itself not The Message.

If you mean how the errormessage is on top of the screen then the screengui probally has ignoreGuiInset on

It looks very simple to make, just copy their design. It’s just a textlabel with a border uistroke.

Just to clarify for anyone, I think they’re asking if the system behind the message is open sourced, because they have seen the same message in multiple games.

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then its probally not open source because its easy to make

I Mean That This System Could be a Helpful System and The Errormsg Could be just a small portion of it.

k so im making the module rn because i dont think its a module


So i finished and its quite simple but easily customizable to your liking
heres The Module