Is the BrushTool Plugin made by XAXA safe?

My scripted friend had been saying that a getfenv code kept appearing and is blaming it on the BrushTool Plugin that I have. Has this happened to other people?image

XAXA is a well-known community member. Make sure that the author is XAXA themself and not a group named XAXA or another author.


Did you get the one created by @XAXA?

Yes, it’s safe. Common sense. :flushed:

Yes, I do have the one made by XAXA, but my friend insists that it’s inserting a backdoor. How do I convince him otherwise?

Just tell him it’s not that plugin lol.

There are a ton of fake plugins on the market right now, and a lot of times they will upload under group names that match the name of the original creator. You should tell him to uninstall it and double-check that he’s actually getting it from XAXA and not some fake group or user.


Yeah, it’s safe :slight_smile:

Make sure that they specifically have this one: Brushtool 2.1 - Roblox


It happens by models or other plugins also, I always get this virus. I don’t know what plugin causes viruses. My all plugins work. So, I didn’t delete them. I think you should ignore them and delete them.


Refer him/her to this

Explains variations of useful tips including backdoors, etc.
The plugin by XAXA is 100% safe - duplicate plugins of it on the other hand isn’t.

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