Is the code of the Local scripts easily readable on the client?

Are the Local scripts easily readable on the client or they are in some compiled/obfuscated form and cannot be easily read by the exploiters?

Thank you

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exploiters can delete/edit localscripts.

script.Source? No.
But as for getting the code of your localscripts? It’s not 1:1 source but it exists.

Exploits can read the memory containing the scripts bytecode,
consequently decompile the bytecode instructions,
and rebuild a somewhat feasible representation of the raw logic in your code.

Decompiling comes with a lot of issues though, and the variable names aren’t stored in bytecode.

So yes, they can “get” your code.
But no, it’s not your actual code, and if it’s a complex script it’s certainly not 100% functional right after decompilation.

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Even if it’s a ‘complex’ script it’ll still be fully functional unless it has server dependencies.

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